Art Activity – Week 1: Plaster Casting!

This weeks art activity was plaster casting. I was pretty excited to do this activity because I have never worked with or made anything out of plaster. And I also got to go to the beach!

I went with some of my friends I am taking the class with down to Seal Beach and we all made castings of our hands. We were all a little confused as to how to make a good mold but luckily a friendly classmate was able to help us get started. I was the first to make a mold and I was really thankful that my mold held its shape after I removed my hand. Getting your hand out of the mold was not something I thought would be that hard but I took a lot longer than I had thought it would because you have to be both careful and forceful at the same time.  Then came the plaster, which was a little messy but an interesting material to work with. After pouring it and letting it set, I had to dig up my creation. At first I was pretty unsure of how well my plaster hand had come out but when I dug it up, it turned out to be great! It surprised me how detailed you could get a mold to be just in sand at the beach. (My hand in the pictures is the flat hand) My friend Daniel made a ‘West Side’ hand sign which came out great too, and surprised me that it had held up when he removed his hand. Some of my other friends castings got a little distorted and this gave me a greater appreciation for anyone making plaster molds because it can be difficult to perfect. I am also glad that I know how to make plaster castings now, and I would definitely do it again and hope to do it again for future projects or just for fun. 



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