Classmate Conversations – Week 1: Christian Gallo


Hello and welcome to the first installment of Classmate Conversations! This week in Art 110, I met with Christian Gallo (on the left). He is a third year mechanical engineering major here at CSULB and is from Compton, California. His favorite colors are blue and black, and when he is not studying mechanical engineering he enjoys watching television and relaxing.

We discussed what art meant to each of us, and we both found common ground on this topic. To Christian and I, art is something that takes time and effort. Whether it be a painting, a piece of music, a math problem, a mountain range, or a product almost anything can be art. We did agree that just because something exists, it is not necessarily art. In order to qualify as art it has to hold meaning to someone. You cannot just pick something up, say it is art, and be on your way. It has to mean something to you or make you feel something in order to qualify as art. That being said pretty much everything is art because people have different perspectives on life and different things hold different meanings to people. This is what makes art so versatile and enjoyable because of the expressive nature it possesses.

It was great meeting Christian this week,  and hope to talk with him again!


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