Art Activity – Week 2 : Landscapes with a Corpse

FullSizeRender (5)

A Broken Branch, a Broken Back

Creating this scene I wanted to convey a few things to the viewer. One of them is that I wanted them to see the green and life surrounding my corpse in order to create a contrast between life and death. This living nature is also there to remind people of the life cycle that humans and all living organisms go through. The other thing I wanted to convey is the unpredictability of life, because in the picture I wanted people to see someone climbing a tree only to have fallen to their death. This unpredictability can be good or bad and just because it can be bad at times, this shouldn’t stop us from doing what we want.

The actual process of creating the scene was fairly simple. The only difficult part was finding a friend willing to climb up a tree to take the picture. As an added bonus I was able to take some time and enjoy the outdoors with my friend. Overall I enjoyed this activity and think that people should try doing this type of activity regularly. By this I mean start with an idea or theme and try and take pictures conveying this, maybe even in an app.



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