Classmate Conversations – Week 2 : Tina Nguyen!


Hello! This weeks classmate conversation was with Tina Nguyen. Tina is an awesome girl who is a second year biochem major. She is really funny and really easy to talk to. One of her favorite foods is french fries (which are great) and her favorite fancy food is Pho. We both love white chocolate macadamia nut cookies, so you could say we’re pretty much the same person. She is more of a dog person (I am too) but she doesn’t have a dog right now, but she does have an awesome fish. The main reason she doesn’t like cats is because she doesn’t trust them, which I don’t either. She is from the city of Garden Grove and went to Pacifica High School, which was a rival to my old high school Cypress. Since leaving high school and becoming a biochem major she has gotten involved in undergraduate research with Professor Vas. She helps to make the proteins that the research team is using to research Alzheimer disease as well as some cardiovascular research.

When Tina is not busy with schoolwork or research, she likes to watch TV as well as go kayaking. She likes to go kayaking with friends but doesn’t get to go too often. I sympathize with her because I enjoy kayaking myself but don’t have much time to dedicate to it.

When we discussed if art still has a place in the world, we both agreed that it definitely did. Tina sees art being used more as a cultural cornerstone. Art has been around for so long and has been an integral part of every society. It has shaped how people think and act as well bringing beauty into peoples lives. When I gave my reason I had forgotten of the historical significance that art has played for generations. I am really glad that I was able to talk to Tina this week. She is a really great girl who I am sure will do great things in the future.


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