Wk 3 – Classmate Conversation – Christopher Yuen



Welcome back to the third installment of Classmate Conversations! This week I met with Christopher Yuen. Chris is originally from Oakland, California and is now a sophomore here at CSULB. He is studying fashion design and wants to create and own his own brand in the future. Art is also a pretty big part of his life because he enjoys sketching out new designs for clothes. He also really enjoys sewing and even makes some of his own clothes.

When Chis isn’t working on perfecting his designs or working on new sketches, he likes to break dance. He is part of the break dancing club on campus. When we talked about what kind of art influenced our lives the most Chris quickly responded by saying clothing designs have influenced him the most. When he creates his own designs he takes influence from other designers he looks up to. Knowing this I see why he has taken the path he has in school, and hope to see him succeed in the fashion industry.

To  see more of Chris’ experiences and art check out his website:



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