Wk 4 – Art Activity – Automatic Drawing

This weeks art activity was automatic drawing, and was one of the weirder activities for me so far. The basic premise is, you find a partner and in the same fashion as a Ouija board you hold a pastel (or another marking tool) together and let your hands flow where ever they want. I did this activity with my friend Daniel from art class and out drawings turned out pretty great.

The first piece was a bit rougher and more rigid than the second drawing. Within the flow of the drawing there is a rabbit. Daniel says he sees a world within the rabbit but I do not see it. Along with the rabbit within the world is carrot, because what is a rabbit without its carrot.

The second piece had a much smoother flow to it. I think this was due mainly to having already done one already. I think by getting out any ideas or pictures in our head in the first piece, we were able to just let the pastel flow more easily and create a much more flowing image.

Doing this activity was a little weird to me just because it is not really what I am used to when people mention different styles of art but it is an interesting method nonetheless. I would however like to see how this activity would do at a party. I am sure that it would open people up more and give them an cool activity to meet over. Plus, they also get a cool party favor!


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