Wk 5 – Artist Conversation – Katherine McRaven

Artist: Katherine McRaven

Exhibition: Insolitum

Media: 3D Printing, Metal, Drawing

Gallery: CSULB School of Art – Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery



About the Artist

Kathrine McRaven is an undergraduate at CSULB’s School of Art’s Sculpture Program. She is from Long Beach and and enjoys photography, filming, and writing. Although she is currently in the Sculpture Program, she has become vary interested in the Metal Program. She also enjoys science and gets a lot of inspiration and ideas from science. In the future she hopes to continue working on her art, and hopefully be able to live off of her work.

Formal Analysis

Kathrine has many different pieces in her exhibit, each with a unique look and textures. Some of these different pieces include metal work, 3-D printing, and paper. In many of her metal works there was hammer work done which gave each piece a characteristic texture. Other metal pieces were bend and shaped or even made into bowls. This level of complex metal work shows great dedication and attention to detail. Once piece in particular consisted of a collection of triangular metal pieces together but separate. Some of the paper pieces consisted of geometric shapes that intertwined and together formed a collective image.


Content Analysis

Much of what Katherine has created has a basis in science and math. She has created a contrast between the natural and modern world. This contrast can be seen many of her pieces. The paper pieces show the linear and geometric shapes made on a piece of paper. The necklace piece, is physically made of different metals which come from the Earth, but they are cut geometrically into patterns of a modern society. This same idea is seen in other metal pieces, including the one seen above.

Synthesis/My Experience

I must say that Katherine’s exhibit was very unique and had art that I was not used to seeing. I knew that metal working existed, but I had never been able to see and talk to an artist who actually did the work. Learning what it takes to make a piece really took me by surprise. Not only the personal work preferences that Katherine had to work really late at night until the morning but the actual mechanics that went into working with metal. I never knew it took so much chemistry and preparation to shape, color, and texture a piece of metal into a work of art. It was truly eye opening and beautiful.





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