Wk 6 – Art Activity – Flip Book

This weeks art activity was to create a flip book. It had been a long time since I had even attempted to make one of these but in creating this one, it really made me happy. It has the same sort of sense of a movie but with a lot less preparation, people, and budget. You can make your own movie fairly quickly and easily using the flip book method.

I think the most difficult thing was coming up with the story. Because I had sewn together my flip book in class, I had already set the number of pages I could work with, without having the story I wanted to draw out. This make more a bit of a challenge to make a story fit in the space but with enough thought, I was able to come up with one. Although this was the most difficult part for me, it was also the most fun. This type of art is simple but because of this simplicity it allows itself to be accessible to many.

It can be a bit tedious setting up and drawing all of the pages, but it is worth the work and you have a small book that is all your own that you can come back to whenever you want. Here is a video of my flip book. Enjoy!



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