Wk 7 – Artist Conversation –

Artist: Dulce Soledad Ibarra

Exhibition: Manos de Oro

Media: Video, Sculpture

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Max Gatov Gallery East

Website: dulcesoledadibarra.com

About the Artist

Dulce is currently obtaining her Bachelors in Fine Arts with an emphasis in sculpture. She is a senior at CSULB and grew up in Chino, California. She currently works for an organization that teaches kids about art. The work she is currently doing goes along with her belief of having children find their passions early on and being proud of them. This pride is seen in her work and the work her father did in gardening which inspired her to create this exhibit.

Formal Analysis

The Manos de Oro exhibit was a two part set up. There were many different gardening tools and equipment laid out on the ground and on the walls. This equipment was covered gold which made each piece stand out. The second part of the exhibit had a video which played a person pruning plants and gardening.

Content Analysis

Dulces fathers work was the inspiration for this exhibit and it is the reason that the equipment is covered in gold. Manos de Oro means hands of gold, which Dulce is referring to her fathers hands. She says this because in her eyes her father’s hands and the work that they do are like gold because of all of the opportunities they have been able to make possible for her and her family. The actual covering of equipment in gold is also there to show the pride that Dulces father has in the work he does as well as the pride that Dulce has for the work her father does.


Seeing the work that Dulce has put into her exhibit is really amazing to see. You can tell by the way she presents it and the way she talks about it that she is proud of her work as well as her fathers work. To me this pride in honest work is something that many people have lost and need to get back. Nowadays many people get caught up in competing with each other to get more money and more things without really caring about they work they do. This is a shame to see because when someone takes pride in there work and what they do, people can tell and appreciate that someone really cares if there work is done right or not. The exhibit also made me reflect on how I was embarrassed about the work my parents did for a long time. It can be hard to let yourself and your life be out there for everyone to see, but seeing this exhibit really made me want to take more pride in the work I do and the work the people around me do as well.



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