Wk 8 – Art Activity – Sketching

For this weeks art activity we got to go to the Japanese Gardens on campus to sketch! I have been to the garden a few time before for events held there but I had never just gone to look around. For the activity we had to do a series of sketches that took different amounts of time. This seemed like a lot of work when reading all of the instructions but it really wasn’t too bad. First were the 30 second sketches which we did ten times. These were fun little sketches but I think because I was using half a page for each sketch I was not able to put as much detail into each one. The 30 seconds was also a pretty short amount of time for me but it did force me to keep drawing and not erase any mess ups.

The five minute sketch was a lot more relaxing and fun in my opinion because you were able to breath and focus on creating a picture instead of worrying about time. The contour drawings had to be one of the hardest activities to do just because I knew I was not connecting lines because I wasn’t looking at my paper. The abstracts were a little harder  to do for me because trying to make something look like something else is kind hard to process in my mind. Nonetheless I did enjoy drawing at the Japanese Garden and will hopefully go there again just to enjoy it and relax. And as usual the koi fish were both awesome but a little freaky.


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