Wk 9 – Art Activity – Art Care Package


This weeks art activity was to create an art care package for someone full of things that relate to you and the person you are sending it to. I am sending my package to my friend from high school that has since moved to Texas. Making this art care package was kind of weird just because I didn’t really know what to put in it at first but as I looked around, I saw that many of the things that I like to do I kind of catalog by keeping small pieces of them. I also found that after looking around, many of the things I found reminded me of my friend and our days in high school.

Sending someone an art care package is sort of similar to sending a Snapchat just because you are sharing a piece of your life and story with your friend. It is different because of how real the art care package makes the entire experience. I think that snaps don’t caring as much meaning with them, is due to them being virtual, short, and disappearing. With a care package, the items take up physical space and are things that were chosen specifically to go to a person, and those things had to be given up by the sender.

As for ephemera, I really had no experience with it before and it took a while for me to understand exactly what was. After some research, I did get what it was and think it is really cool. I remember going through some of my grandparents old things when we cleaned their garage, and thought some of the stuff was really cool just because of how old it was. I think that some of the old things we find can really mean a lot to us because of a common interest or bond while other things are just interesting just because of their age and who they belonged to.

I don’t really think that there is a difference between art in a gallery and art made for a specific person. I believe that all art can me something or nothing to different people. Just because you put something you or your friend connect with in the package doesn’t mean that someone outside of that relationship can’t connect to something in the package. Just like art in a gallery, not everyone will connect but many will.

The time that it takes to make an art care package definitely makes a difference in the meaning. Sending a snap is more for amusement and more out of trying to avoid being bored. Creating an entire package for someone else, picking out items, and sending it takes a lot more thought and preparation. Both have there place but there is a lot more care that goes into the care package. That being said there is a different type of love that is contained in an art care package. I believe that when you spend more time creating something for someone else, you are outwardly showing them how much you care. This is because you are giving them your time in the form of a package, present, or homemade dinner. I think that giving someone your time is one of the most valuable things you can give because all of us only have so much to give in our lifetimes. We should be wise with who we give it to and make sure we don’t waste it.





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