Wk 14-Art Activity-Instagram

dog.PNG  in n out.PNG  leafs.PNG

This weeks art activity was to use Instagram and document the happenings of your whole day. At first I wasn’t all that jazzed to do this activity because although I do have an Instagram account, I haven’t posted for a long time. That being said I didn’t want to make a bunch of posts all in one day, but this mentality went away after my first post. It just got easier to share the more photos I put up.

Looking at the groups album under the hashtag #art110f16 I found that many people do and were doing very similar things on that Wednesday. Of the pictures above, only the Ginkgo biloba leaves picture is mine, but they all show things that I did or interacted with that day. As someone else did, I interacted with a dog but with one on campus and took a picture. In the second picture, I also went to In-n-Out with friends that day. Before I never really understood why people use hashtags on pictures but now I do. Hashtags really help people to connect and find similar people with similar interests they may have. I now think that Instagram can be a great way to connect and share with others and hopefully I will remember to capture moments to share in the future.


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